Civil Unions and Same Sex Marriage Laws

Between 2011 and 2014 many  partners chose to enter in to a Civil Union after Illinois passed the Civil Union law.  Although same-sex marriage is now legal in Illinois, couples who entered into civil unions prior to the Illinois and did not convert their unions, may still be offered the same protections as same-sex partners under the Illinois Civil Union law. All same sex partners receive the same protections, benefits and responsibilities extended to married couples under state and federal law.

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Illinois Attorney Advising Clients On Marriage and Civil Unions

Unlike couples who enter into domestic partnership and cohabitation agreements, those who entered into civil unions are treated the same as married couples by state and local government agencies. The civil union option is particularly attractive to people such as the following:

  • Senior citizens who do not want to lose certain Social Security and pension benefits
  • Couples who want to obtain many of the benefits of marriage without the marital relationship

If you have decided to end your civil union, you will need to go to court to obtain a formal dissolution. The dissolution of a civil union is virtually identical to a divorce, though there are some lingering special considerations that will require special attention.

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