Domestic Partnership And Cohabitation Agreements

Times are changing, and more and more couples are choosing to live together and share their lives without the legally binding commitment of marriage or civil union status. Despite the changing times, however, the law offers little help to couples who do not enter into these formal relationships.

Illinois law does not afford unmarried couples the same rights as married couples or couples in a civil union, no matter how long you have lived together. For this reason, it makes sense to enter into agreements on important matters concerning your relationship.

We have helped many nonmarried couples establish agreements regarding how their relationships — and any potential breakups — will be handled.

A Lawyer Helping Clients Set Their Own Terms for Their Relationships

In Illinois, marriages and civil unions are structured relationships, containing a bundle of rights, responsibilities and benefits. A domestic partnership agreement or cohabitation agreement, on the other hand, is a private contract making custom arrangements for issues such as the following:

  • Shared property and assets
  • Payment of expenses and debts
  • Child-rearing responsibilities and expenses
  • Insurance
  • Guidelines and procedures for ending the relationship

These agreements can be used for both opposite-sex and same-sex partnerships. If you and your life partner do not want the formality of a marriage or a civil union but still want certain legal protections, a domestic partnership or cohabitation agreement may be the right option.

Contact An Experienced Cohabitation Agreement Attorney

We understand that a family can be something other than the traditional nuclear family, and we are committed to helping our clients enter into agreements that will make their relationships stronger, prepare them for the future and secure their individual rights.

To discuss how we can help you with the preparation, review or negotiation of a domestic partnership or cohabitation agreement — or with the dissolution of a nonmarried relationship — please contact an attorney at Goddard & Malmquist at 847-382-3995 or by email to schedule a consultation.