Parenting Coordinators Can Help Parents Find Common Ground In High-Conflict Situations

It is not unusual for parents to have disagreements while a divorce is pending or even after the parents are divorced. Sometimes, however, these disagreements can become acrimonious and extremely personal. As the level of conflict rises, the children can suffer stress, anxiety and even depression. In Illinois, courts have many tools to reduce the level of conflict and to help parents make sensible, lasting decisions.

One of these tools is the use of a Parenting Coordinator. A Parenting Coordinator can play a vital role in resolving high-conflict disputes. Either courts or parents can enlist the services of a parenting coordinator. At Goddard & Malmquist, our lawyers provide holistic representation in the full range of family matters. Attorney Jessica Malmquist acts as Parenting Coordinator in pre-decree and ongoing post-decree cases. She provides strong, balanced guidance to parents facing ongoing parenting issues and disagreements.

What Does A Parenting Coordinator Do?

A Parenting Coordinator has many roles. First, a Parenting Coordinator can mediate disputes between the parents or make tie-breaker decisions when the parties cannot agree. The Parenting Coordinator will provide candid feedback as to how the court is likely to view each parent's position and offer suggestions to the parents as to how an issue may be addressed. In addition, a Parenting oordinator will meet with the parents, provide coaching and feedback, and recommend potential ways to reduce conflict between the parents.

While a parenting coordinator does not have the authority to make legally binding decisions, the parenting coordinator can make recommendations about communication issues, help the parents come to an agreement to modify parenting time and parental responsibilities which can be entered by Agreed Order with the court. The discussions between a parenting coordinator and the parents are not typically confidential.

All in all, a parenting coordinator should bring stability and structure to what can be a conflict-ridden relationship and helps families reach agreements that are in the best interests of the children while avoiding the additional stress and costs associated with prolonged litigation.

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