Mediation Is An Effective Means To Resolve Disputes Without Litigation

You and your spouse may wish to use mediation to dissolve your marriage, resolve post-decree issues or use alternative dispute methods in a less contentious and public atmosphere than that of a court room. The assistance of the trained, neutral mediator may help you arrive at a settlement agreement. The two of you and the mediator will meet to discuss and resolve your disagreements and outstanding issues.

The attorneys at Goddard & Malmquist serve as neutral third party mediators. We assist in helping the parties settle their differences and reach a tentative divorce settlement. For information, please call us at 847-382-3995.

Protecting Your Interests As You Seek A Mediated Divorce Resolution

Mediators are usually, but not always, lawyers. Because of their neutral position, mediators cannot give any legal advice. Their role is to facilitate a resolution by helping the parties find common ground, offer creative solutions, and assist with communication between the parties. When we serve as third-party mediators, we do not give legal advice, but we maintain our knowledge of the law as we help facilitate an agreement between the two parties.

After mediation is completed, we will prepare a memorandum of understanding reflecting the agreement that the parties have reached. At least one party should retain an attorney to prepare all of the necessary documents and have the Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage entered.

We Can Help Determine If Mediation Makes Sense For You

Mediation is one of many alternative dispute processes used to obtain a divorce in Illinois. To schedule a consultation to discuss whether mediation is the right option for you, please contact an attorney at Goddard & Malmquist today at 847-382-3995 or by email. We represent clients throughout Greater Chicago from offices in Barrington and Chicago.