The Length and Expense of Divorce in Illinois

Many people complain about the cost and length of a divorce in Illinois. But, how bad is it really? How much longer and more expensive is it to get divorced in other states? What is the least expensive state in which to divorce? Where is it hardest to get divorced?

According to, who complied information from the American Bar Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the 2011 Census Bureau, Illinois falls right smack dab in the middle of the State averages. Illinois is awarded an “ease of filing score” of 54, with a filing fee of $337.00, a minimum total processing time of 180 days and a yearly state divorce rate of 8/1000.

The East Coast has the lowest “ease of filing scores” with New Jersey receiving a 23, Rhode Island 25, South Carolina 27, Vermont 29, New York 30, and West Virginia 31. Interestingly, the yearly State divorce rates do not appear to decrease based on the increased difficulty of getting divorced.

Alaska is the go to state for a quick and cheap divorce with a filing fee of only $150.00, a minimum processing time of 30 days and an “ease of filing score” of 100. Maybe not surprisingly, Alaska also has the highest yearly state divorce rate in the US with 14/1000 people seeking and obtaining divorces.

Jessica L. Malmquist

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