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April 2013 Archives

Senate passes change in child support law to allow late DNA test

An Illinois man who learned after 13 years that the boy he had paid child support for was not his son was out of luck under current state law. But under the provisions of a bill recently passed by the State Senate, he would be able to challenge paternity and possibly end his child support obligations.

Actress Seymour affirms collaborative aspect in divorce

Celebrity divorces have a tendency to capture headlines. Usually it's because there is a significant amount of acrimony and conflict. That sense of friction has been a traditional trait of the marriage dissolution process whether the couple resides in Illinois or some other neck of the country.

Remarriage: planning for the second time around

Like anything else, marriage is different the second time around. In part, this is simply because you're older and are better able to set the right expectations. After all, having gone through a divorce, you should have a better sense of the emotional and practical pitfalls to avoid from the outset.

Hitting the jackpot: Illinois considers new child support enforcement tool

In the rush of joy that comes with the birth of a child, some new parents feel like they've hit the jackpot. On a deep level, they certainly have. After all, there is something indescribably wonderful about a new life coming into the world.

What role can grandparents play for grandkids whose parents are divorcing?

Child custody cases can have many different contingencies. For example, in some families, issues arise after a divorce when a parent wants to relocate to another state. If that parent is the one with primary physical custody of a child or children, the court that finalized the divorce agreement will have to decide whether to approve the relocation.

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