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August 2013 Archives

Where property division is concerned, knowledge is power

When someone in Illinois is considering filing for divorce, it isn’t like deciding what to have for lunch. People will often think about it for a while, maybe try counseling and even seek advice from friends and family. One piece of advice that they receive is often to “hire a good attorney.”

Trust, transparency and asset concealment in divorce cases

We seek to pay particular attention in this blog to issues of property division in a divorce. Those issues do not usually generate the raw emotion that child custody questions often do. But for couples in Illinois and across the nation who are splitting up, there can be a lot of money at stake when dividing up financial assets and liabilities.

Post-divorce actions can affect child custody arrangements

Contentious child custody contests can continue for quite a long time. Given how precious children are, this is perhaps not surprising. But for parents in Illinois and across the nation, the issues that custody cases raise are invariably cut close to the heart.

Child support payment: gambling garnishment law in effect

In the last generation, legal forms of gambling have expanded almost exponentially in Illinois and across the country. It isn't necessary to fly off to Las Vegas or visit Atlantic City anymore; gambling options abound close to home for millions of Americans at casinos, racetracks and other venues.

Divorce litigation: keeping it from becoming an end in itself

In "The War of the Roses," a very dark comedy from 1989, Michael Douglas and Kathleen Tuner played a long-time married couple who increasingly find themselves at each others''' throats. Eventually, they seek a divorce - with many no-holds-barred arguments along the way.

Uniform Collaborative Act causing controversy in Illinois

Collaborative law is a process that is available for couples in Illinois who want to end their marriage on their own time and with their own financial expectations -- essentially this means that the couple wants the process to be less time consuming and less expensive than a traditional divorce.

Digital media and divorce: more channels, less intimacy

Digital communications technology has profoundly changed the way many people interact with others. Cellphones and social media create a host of opportunities for people to connect with others. And yet those same technologies can keep couples from turning to each other and end up contributing to divorce.

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