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Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian may have to split millions

Khloe Kardashian's marriage to pro basketball star Lamar Odom has officially ended, leaving the two millionaires to split up their assets. The amount of money that each spouse earned during the marriage, as well as the amount each celebrity currently holds, is now coming into question. The couple was married in 2009 when Odom was in his fifth year playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers had just won the first of two back-to-back championships, and Odom had signed a four-year contract for $32.8 million. In 2011, Odom ended up being traded to the Mavericks. In 2012, he began playing for the Clippers on a salary of $8.2 million. He is currently unsigned, but it is estimated that he earned nearly $116 million throughout his professional career.

While Odom certainly raked in a lot of money during the couple's marriage, it is thought that Kardashian, who is now dropping Odom's last name, may have more earning potential in the future. The television and fashion personality made about $10 million between the summer of 2012 and the summer of 2013, according to Forbes. She also has a strong following and media presence, in addition to holding several endorsements and appearing frequently on television. Forbes, making a conservative estimate, guessed that her endorsements have brought her around $5 million.

The celebrities reside in California, which has laws stating that a divorcing couple's assets should be split 50-50. However, this rule does not apply when the couple has a prenuptial agreement. In a high asset divorce such as this, many of the couples have such an agreement. Odom and Kardashian do indeed have one. Kardashian has given interviews stressing how important it is for any couple to get a prenup. The details of the agreement are not yet known, however.

Kardashian is giving good advice. Getting a prenuptial agreement is a good way to protect your assets in the event of a divorce. While the process may be uncomfortable to Illinois newlyweds, a prenup will make the division of assets go much more smoothly if the marriage comes to an end.

Source: eonline.com, "Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom's Divorce in Dollars: He's Worth $56 Million, but Her Earning Power Is Off the Charts" Natalie Finn and Baker Machado, Dec. 13, 2013

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