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Dealing with financial threats made during a divorce

Divorce proceedings in Illinois can be filled with conflict. Without mediation and conflict resolution, a couple can find themselves at odds with each other during every step of the process. Sometimes, things can get ugly. Husbands in particular sometimes end up making financial threats over things such as property division, which can leave their partners feeling stressed and scared.

Some husbands have been known to tell their wives that they would rather end up in jail than give them anything in the divorce. Another threat that a husband could make involves telling his wife that she'll lose the children and end up being homeless. While a good attorney can always help a woman determine the validity of threats such as these, it might be beneficial to take some initiative when dealing with this type of situation.

If the financial threats are serious enough, one strategy to take involves simply writing them down. Keeping records of where and when you feel threatened makes it easier for your divorce team to analyze the situations and provide advice. Also, seeing the threats actually written out might reveal them to be less serious than they seemed when they were spoken.

Another strategy to take involves staying educated. When it comes to issues such as property division, it's helpful to know how the laws function. In order to dispel threats, it would be beneficial to clearly understand how marital property is different from separate property. Also, despite what an angry husband might say, a wife might also be entitled to parts of certain assets such as 401k accounts.

It's also important for women to try discerning between meaningless angry rants and threats that have actual merit. For example, a husband that threatens to give nothing to his wife may actually attempt to hide his assets in order to prevent her from getting what she is owed in a divorce. Staying vigilant in these circumstances could prevent a husband from getting away with something financially unethical.

Source: forbes.com, "How To Cope With Your Husband's Financial Threats During Divorce" Jeff Landers, Jan. 08, 2014

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