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Divorce after 'The Newlywed Game'

Some couples stay in a marriage because it is just easier not to change. While not comfortable, it is familiar. So, when one young woman was stuck in her marriage, there was one major factor leading to the great epiphany that her marriage was in trouble, and they needed to get a divorce. What precipitated her "aha" moment? Getting ready for a stint on the television show, "The Newlywed Game."

As unlikely as it may seem, a reporter for a popular newspaper was listening to her husband practicing his answers for the show when it hit her like a ton of bricks. Later, during an interview she realized they could never build a future together, much less a marriage.

Responding to her husband's zeal to compete on the show, he rallied to the object of the game to be able to predict what your spouse would say in response to various queries. He was practicing enthusiastically, and one of the questions was regarding the timeline to start a family. As she listened to his responses, she was hit by a thunderbolt. She knew she would never want to have children with the guy.

Many couples think they are in love, get the ring and set the date. But marriage is a huge step in one's life, and issues like having children should be discussed before taking the leap. The irony that the reality of having to deal with a high asset divorce dawned on her during a show about newlyweds speaks volumes about how much more they needed to know about each other.

She added: "It's something I could have thought about before we got married. But the 'The Newlywed Game' really brought it to light."

Deciding to divorce doesn't come easily for most people. Many wonder how much they stand to lose in a divorce in terms of child custody, alimony and property division. Understanding your rights during a divorce may help ease your mind. An experienced Illinois divorce attorney may be able to show you better how to protect yourself and your children during this difficult, life-changing event.

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