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Schwarzenegger facing big payout after divorce

Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for several reasons including acting, bodybuilding and serving as governor of California. He may become famous for one more thing soon, however: paying out one of the largest high asset divorce settlements in history. As the divorce proceedings come to a close, Schwarzenegger may be responsible for giving his estranged wife over $200 million. The actor's ex is famous journalist Maria Shriver. Together, the couple is estimated to be worth around $400 million. The law dictates that she is entitled to half of that amount, leading to the unusually large payout.

The divorce was filed by Shriver in 2011, after she discovered that Schwarzenegger had an affair with the couple's maid and even fathered a child with the woman. Schwarzenegger has admitted to keeping these things a secret from Shriver for many years. Once finalized, the settlement could be considered one of the top 10 divorce payouts ever.

The former governor has apparently been trying to stall the divorce proceedings in order to delay the required payout. He and Shriver had decided not to get a prenuptial agreement under the assumption that the relationship would last. The action movie star is rumored to be very reluctant to see so much money leave his account.

Celebrities are not the only people that must deal with this type of situation. Any couple that holds a large amount of assets should consider planning for a divorce ahead of time. While it might be uncomfortable, getting a prenuptial agreement can prevent people from being forced to pay out more than what they think is reasonable if they should ever get a divorce. Schwarzenegger and Shriver are a perfect example of a couple that thought their relationship would last but nevertheless, ended up in divorce court, where a prenuptial agreement could have come in handy for the famous actor.

Source: inquisitr.com, "Arnold Schwarzenegger Could Fork Over $200 Million In Divorce Case" No author given, Jan. 12, 2014

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