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Study reveals interesting child support statistics

People getting divorced in Illinois might feel that they will be scrutinized for going through the dissolution of their marriage, especially if they have children. While some might purport that American society still frowns on divorce, the fact remains that millions of people are not only separated, but also taking care of children in two separate homes. The Congressional Research Service recently released the results of a 2011 study that speaks to this fact. The study examined the number of parents that live separately, as well as the state of child support in America. One glance at the results should prevent divorcing parents from feeling any shame about their situation. However, a divorcing parent that is expecting to receive child support payments might be disheartened by the stats.

In 2011, a total of 14.4 million people had custody of one or more children while a non-custodial parent had a separate residence. Fifty percent of these people were white, while 25 percent were black and 21 percent were Hispanic. The vast majority of custodial parents were women, as the research revealed that 82 percent of them were mothers. Eighteen percent of the custodial parents were married, while 33 percent were divorced, and 35 percent had not been married to the non-custodial parent at any point.

Custodial parents also received a total of $23.6 billion in child support in 2011. However, only 38 percent of the over 7 million people that had orders for child support actually got the full amount that was due. Custodial mothers received an average of $5,160 for the year and fathers received $4,433. When considering the fact that there were actually 14.4 million people who were eligible to receive child support in 2011, a mere 19 percent of these people actually received all of the child support that should have been paid to them.

Source: nydailynews.com, "Who Exactly Gets Child Support? Beyond the Myths" James Warren, Jan. 06, 2014

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