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Paltrow and Martin high asset divorce focuses on congeniality

Rocker Chris Martin, front man for the band Coldplay and his wife Gweneth Paltrow are divorcing, or, as they put it, consciously uncoupling." While most people just call it divorce, Paltrow has decided to use a kinder term and save her dignity in the process. The psychotherapist who originated the words agrees that this is a much kinder version of the dreaded "D" word.

In the hope of sparing her children the harsh realities that can develop when a bitter divorce takes place, Paltrow and Martin are agreeing to keep things civil. Paltrow wrote on her website that they had been working on their marriage for over a year and while they still love each other, they need to separate.

This is being seen as a more spiritual way of getting what will be a high asset divorce for this celebrity couple, but is germane to any couple for whom the prospect of marriage dissolution may be on the horizon. It can spare everyone a legal battle and preserve the esteem of all involved. It may even save money in the end.

Another method of divorcing comes from a woman who is able to read the energy of people and assists them in healing both their bodies and their minds. She says that a trail of emotional debris is often left behind when a divorce is not friendly. Meditation and therapy are often called for in order to let go of any remaining negative emotions from a divorce.

She also says that the marriage vows that are taken unite two hearts on a spiritual level. This connection needs to be broken in order for the people to move forward. She has developed a ceremony that assists those who need it in finally ending that spiritual bond.

If you are facing a divorce, you may need to contact a professional who can help you move beyond it and who can look out for your best interests.

Source: Cleveland.com, "Gwyneth Paltrow redefines divorce for us all" Regina Brett, Apr. 05, 2014

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