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Candidate in Illinois pushed to divorce by affair

The gubernatorial candidate in Illinois, who is a Republican candidate and a billionaire due to his work as a private equity businessman, is married to his second wife. As he has been campaigning, he has used what appears to be a solid relationship as a way to promote himself to the people. While these people probably knew that he had been divorced before, they may never have known why that divorce came about.

However, new evidence has come to light as of late, evidence that allegedly shows that he was having an affair with another woman. His wife at the time then found out about the affair. She went to him to confront him about it, according to the report, and he said that he wanted to stay together and make things work out. After all, the couple had three children at the time.

In another twist, though, his wife then allegedly found out that he had already spoken to legal representatives, trying to learn more about what to do to get a divorce. Her knowledge of this pushed them into the divorce that eventually took place, and the couple split up.

An affidavit exposed that the man also talked to a mental health professional, a person whose work focused on children, particularly those who had been through a divorce. At the time that this was all going on, the children in the family would have been about six years old, four years old, and one year old.

When a high asset divorce comes about for any reason, the division of assets becomes very important, as millions of dollars could potentially be at stake, along with homes and other tangible assets. It is important for both the parents and any children to be considered when a judge rules on how this property should be split up.

Source: Business Insider, "Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate Divorced In 1993 After Alleged Affair" Hunter Walker, May. 06, 2014

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