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Silda Wall Spitzer receives large payout in high asset divorce

Silda Wall Spitzer, after getting a divorce from her husband, ex-governor Eliot Spitzer of New York, has been granted $240,000 per year in maintenance for life. She has also been given the Fifth Avenue apartment overlooking Central Park in Manhattan. Additionally, a time payment for this high asset divorce is $7.5 million.

The two were married for 26 years when it came to light that Mr. Spitzer was hiring expensive call girls.

The post-nuptial agreement was leaked to the media shortly after the divorce was granted in February 2014.

She will also be allowed no more than one new car every five years, a housekeeper, accountant, a part-time assistant, entertainment and activities expenses, and a massive $100,000-per-year charity donation.

Her health insurance will also be maintained by her ex-husband.

Child support is not an issue in this high asset divorce case because the three children are over 18-years-old. However, Mr. Spitzer has agreed to pay for their medical, dental and college expenses.

The two have agreed to share the use of a $5 million farm but they have agreed that the children will not suffer from the choice of guests at the farm. This is to save them from any embarrassment or upset.

The first payment of $1 million of the $7.5 million payout to be made within 180 days of the final divorce decree was issued. Mr. Spitzer has the option of paying this amount in a lump sum if he chooses to.

He has additionally agreed to allow his ex-wife moving expenses and a new home of equal value if she ever desires to relocate.

Monthly maintenance payments will continue until she either remarries or dies.

The Spitzers announced their divorce on Christmas Eve of 2013 because the ex-governor was photographed going into the apartment of his girlfriend.

He is worth approximately $46 million. His father bequeathed his real estate fortune to Eliot Spitzer when he died.

If you are considering dissolution of marriage and have substantial or complex assets, you may want to contact an experienced professional that can protect your interests and ensure your assets are allocated with your best interests in mind.

Source: Daily Mail, "Eliot Spitzer's ex-wife Silda gets $7.5m in divorce deal along with $240,000-a-year for life and Fifth Avenue home" Louise Boyle, Apr. 28, 2014

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