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Child support in Illinois much the same for everyone

Having to go down the road that divorce leads to, as far as child custody is concerned, is something that most parents dread. In Illinois, not only does it bring to the forefront your own relationship failure, but it can highlight the fact that your ex-spouse may not put as high a standard into practice as he or she wants the court to believe.

In the case of Metta World Peace, skipping his child support hearing simply showed the media in Illinois and the court the message he did not want to convey.

34-year-old Metta World Peace, formerly named Ron Artest and basketball player for New York Knicks, failed to show up for a hearing at the Manhattan Family Court on Thursday, June 12, 2014.

His ex-wife is requesting that he pay for his son's private school tuition. He was in California at the time, and his wife lives with their 13-year-old son in New York. His attorney defended his action, saying that the time difference of three hours is too much. The hearing was scheduled for 7:00 a.m. California time and he had nowhere to go to call in.

Metta World Peace has not been penalized officially for missing his hearing. Also, there has been no decision on his request to have the entire case transferred to Queens, New York, which is where he is from.

World Peace's ex-wife says this is just a means of delaying the inevitable. In other words, he is attempting to get out of paying for his son's expensive tuition at the private school in Brooklyn, New York. It allegedly costs $38,355 per year to attend the prep school.

Of course, this sets a precedent in the ensuing years and if the court decides he must pay this year, it will most likely require him to continue to pay in the coming years unless he can prove a major change in finances.

There was a verbal agreement between the two spouses that now is before the court to be decided. In Illinois, child support doesn't have to be this difficult. Having someone in your legal corner can make all the difference.

Source: Daily News, "Metta World Peace fails to call in for family court hearing over son’s tuition because it was too early: lawyer" Shayna Jacobs, Jun. 12, 2014

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