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Shepherd wants no child custody granted for baby, claims fraud

When many divorcing Illinois couples fight over child custody, it's often because both parents want to be involved in the lives of their children. But in the case of former TV host Sherri Shepherd, she wants no responsibility whatsoever for her unborn baby, who is currently being carried by a surrogate mother. Shepherd and her husband recently filed for divorce and she claims her husband only wanted the baby as part of a fraud scheme.

The surrogate is allegedly carrying a baby boy created from the husband's sperm. Shepherd's egg was not used, so she has no biological ties to the baby. However, she did sign an agreement as part of the surrogacy, so she could still be on the hook for raising the child.

Shepherd believes that her husband planned to divorce her all along and went along with the idea of having a baby so he could get child support from her. Because of this, she wants no ties to the baby -- no child custody, visitation or any other responsibilities associated with being a parent. However, California - where Shepherd's husband filed for divorce - recognizes surrogacy agreements, so convincing a judge to renounce her parental rights could prove to be quite challenging.

Although many people - especially women - may understand the situation and agree with Shepherd's decision, is it acceptable? Shepherd originally wanted the baby and now she doesn't because of her divorce.

Parental obligations are determined by each state, but it's important to remember that children should not be used as pawns when the parents can't get along. Both parties wanted this life to be created and they should act mature and own up to their responsibilities.

Source: Source: New York Daily News, "Sherri Shepherd does not want 'parental rights and responsibilities' for unborn surrogate baby: report," Kirthana Ramisetti, July 5, 2014

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