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Resolving child custody disagreements with legal assistance

Disagreements over child visitation and child custody can be difficult for Illinois residents to resolve. If the disagreements are so severe that they require litigation to resolve, results can be unpredictable and extremely difficult to achieve. This is why resolving such issues out of court is preferable wherever possible. Fortunately, the attorneys at the Goddard & Malmquist Attorneys & Counselors at Law can help.

The lawyers employed at our firm have years of legal expertise under their belts. They are all trained mediators and this can help disagreeing parents dissolve their differences to reach accord. All in all, the goal is the best interests of the children involved, while supporting parents' need and right to fair treatment under the law. Our goal is to find a successful solution to any legal roadblocks via whatever means necessary -- be mediation, collaborative law or litigation.

Our children are the most precious parts of our lives. For a child's health and happiness, both parents' involvement is crucial whenever it is possible -- even if it is difficult to reach agreement on how the inclusion of both parents will be possible.

Many parents are often surprised at how easy it is to overcome seemingly insurmountable disagreements. Sometimes, all it takes is a third party to step in and explain the wants and needs of an individual parent in a way that the other parent can finally understand and agree with compassionately. In other situations, where litigation is a requirement, specific measures can be taken to limit the costs of such litigation and navigate the process as peacefully as possible for the benefit of all parties involved - and especially for the benefit of one's children.

Source: goddardlaw.com, "Barrington Child Custody And Support Lawyers" Aug. 25, 2014

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