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Woman gets huge settlement in divorce due to property division

In Illinois, property division can be complex. Deciding how assets are to be equitably divided and who will pay what debt are just two of the issues that a judge must look into. This can be made even more confusing when there is child or spousal support involved.

One woman is more than likely going to get what she wants in a case of property division.

The woman, who is from New York, has accused her husband of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on his "Playboy" bunny girlfriend while refusing to foot the bill for his daughter's hearing aids.

They jointly own the family home that they paid $800,000 for in 1995. The 3,000 foot home is on the market for $6.65 million. Even though they are divorced, the proceeds must be split equitably because of property division laws.

The court had previously ruled against her because she spoke to the media quite often and told them of the horrible things her husband had allegedly done. This, according to the court, caused him to lose business and affected his income greatly.

She received only 17 percent of the five million dollar business, approximately $855,000. She also receives $15,000 a month in spousal support along with a payout from another home they owned together. She got $325,000 for the price of the jointly-owned jewelry, furniture and art.

She alleges that her ex-husband physically assaulted her after the divorce at her home.

They have both been vocal in and out of court regarding this divorce and property division. They were both threatened in court with incarceration if the yelling did not cease immediately.

Divorce in Illinois is more complex than the judge simply dissolving your marriage. If you were married for any period you have undoubtedly acquired assets and debt that both of you own. Deciding who gets what can be confusing and difficult. You may want to enlist someone experienced in this realm who knows the laws of Illinois.

Source: New York Daily News, "Spoils of war: Epic Upper East Side divorce battle spawns posh real estate opportunity" Katherine Clarke, Aug. 08, 2014

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