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Child support matters in Illinois

Child support is an important consideration whenever an Illinois parent is going through a divorce. Parents who are to receive residential custody of their children will usually qualify to receive some form of child support. Conversely, parents who are not going to be the primary residential custodian will usually be required to pay child support. No matter what side a parent is on, he or she will want to have some idea of what those child support payments are likely to be.

The Goddard & Malmquist Attorneys & Counselors at Law specializes in the delicate aspects of child support as it relates to divorce proceedings. Attorney Alexandra M. Goddard can help separating parents understand what they should expect regarding child support payments. She can also assist with modifications to child support obligations -- such as petitioning the court to lower or increase payments due to a change in economic circumstances.

In the state of Illinois, there are statutory guidelines that generally dictate the terms of child support obligations. Family law courts will rely on those guidelines when making decisions with regard to a specific situation.

In most cases, the amount of child support owed will be determined as a percentage of income. Nevertheless, in many cases, net income can be hard to determine and debated in court. Also, a paying parent might try to conceal his or her income in an effort to reduce the amount of child support owed and whenever this occurs, it must be identified as soon as possible.

By keeping an eye out for potential issues and disagreements in an Illinois child support matter, parents can avoid many common pitfalls. Also, by closely reviewing financial statements, a parent with residential custody can claim an amount for child support that is fair, while backing up that claim with proper documentation in court. Ultimately, the courts will follow state guidelines, but it is important that parents stand up for their rights to ensure they are treated fairly, as they should be, under the law.

Source: goddardlaw.com, "Child Support" Sep. 10, 2014

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