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Collaborative law a good choice for a divorce in Illinois

In Illinois, when it comes to divorce, collaborative law is becoming more and more popular. Although it is relatively new, it is an excellent way to settle matters of divorce, such as child support, child custody, family law issues and asset and debt distribution without much input from the court system.

When using this method of divorce, you are represented by an attorney who know the laws of Illinois and is prepared to help you reach an agreement for any family law issues. Having someone in your corner who not only specializes in collaborative law but is a fellow in the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois can be invaluable at negotiating with your ex-spouse on divorce issues. This designation means that your attorney is specially trained in collaborative law and can provide for you in such areas as child custody and support, financial issues and divorce in general.

Through the four-way conferences that you, your attorney and your spouse and his or her legal representation participate in, you can achieve the best option for success in obtaining your fair share of assets, not to mention a fair distribution of debt. In this type of divorce, you get a larger voice in the process than you would by bringing it before the judge and letting him or her decide.

If you decide in the middle of the collaboration that this isn't working for you, you are given the option of going before the court and getting your divorce settled there. However, your attorney and your spouse's attorney agree not to represent you if you decide to take this action. This way, you are ensured of your attorney's focus on your negotiation process -- not on a court hearing.

The goal of this process is to provide a win-win situation for you and your spouse. If there are children involved, this is truly a great way to end your marriage in a friendly manner and set a good example of what adults can achieve.

If you are thinking of divorce, you may want to contact a professional who knows what collaborative law is all about in Illinois and can guide you through the ins and outs of getting what you want and deserve.

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