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Man made to pay child support for child who isn't his

Child support issues usually arise in the case of divorce; however, in a strange case of mistaken identity, one man is being made to make child support payments for a child whom the mother says is not his. In some states, in order for a woman to get on public assistance she must name the father of any children she has.

Unfortunately for one man, this means that she put his name down clearly knowing he wasn't the father of her child. This problem began over 20 years ago; 28 to be exact. Even though paternity testing proves that he is not the father of this child, the state of Michigan wants its money. He is being made to pay $30,000 to the state for its share of the money paid to the woman over the years.

It is a case of not only mistaken identity, but also of apparent half-truths. One year, a process server went to his house to give him a summons to appear in court, but he never got it. He was in jail on an unrelated charge at the time and could not have received it. The process server reported that he refused to sign it. Another time, a police officer stopped him for a traffic violation and called him a deadbeat dad. This happened in 1991 and he was taken aback by this news.

While the woman who reported that he was the father admits her lie, this, in no way, helps the man falsely accused. She says that it is her fault and she wishes that he could be forgiven of the complete amount of the debt. The total he owed was $69,000. He is being forgiven for the portion he allegedly owes the woman, but is still required to pay the state $30,000.

Your child support issue may not be as convoluted as this, but it can seem so to you. You may want to involve a professional who can guide you through the court system of the state of Illinois and can help protect your assets and also give you a sense that you and your children are well taken care of.

Source: New York Daily News, "Detroit man owes $30,000 in support for child he did not father" Nicole Hensley, Oct. 29, 2014

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