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Appeals are allowable in a divorce, but you may need assistance

If you are going through a divorce, you probably have a lot weighing on your mind. What you thought was a final step in a relationship turned out to be a next step. Now there is acrimony and dissention. In Illinois, all divorces are final when entered; however, an appeal process is allowable. While it doesn't mean that the divorce is not final, it means that the divorce is complete, and different aspects of it can be challenged.

In fact, the two people who are divorcing can get remarried to each other or to different people if they want to; the law does not prohibit this, even when the appeal is in the process of being examined. Another part of the law that has to do with appealing one of the aspects of the divorce decree is spousal support or maintenance payments. These still have to be made as ordered, but that can change after an appeal has been presented to the court and the provisions changed.

This holds true for child support payments for minor children until the post-judgment is in place. When the appeal is finally done, you will be notified officially by the clerk of the court of the county in Illinois you filed in.

One thing you may not realize that can occur in a dissolution of marriage is that the wife can request that her maiden name be reinstated without any additional court hearings needed. If your counsel tells the judge that you want this to happen, they will put it in the decree and make it legal. You may simply take the decree and have your credit cards and license changed with no trouble.

You can see pretty easily that filing an appeal can go well for you if you have the right representation; someone who will get your side of the story in front of the judge. An experienced attorney can help guide you through the appeal process and can be so valuable at this time.

Source: Illinois Compiled Statutes, "Illinois marriage and dissolution of marriage act" Dec. 02, 2014

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