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What is the expedited child support system in Illinois?

Getting divorced often means that children are included. Getting your ex-spouse to agree on child support can be difficult, but not impossible. With the right guidance you may get what is best for your children and what is best for you. Of course, the court system in Illinois does its best to put the needs of the child first.

Way back in 1991, the legislature of the state of Illinois came up with a system to expedite child support and left it to the individual counties of the state to establish exactly who the parents of the children involved are and to enforce child support obligations from one parent to the children. Anyone who is involved with this program who is also under the Title IV-D of the Social Security Act can participate but please be aware that this is not a requirement.

The plan, which was submitted by each county to the Supreme Court of Illinois, designates how many administrative hearing officers it will need, the facilities that will be available to the Expedited Child Support System hearings. They have also specified what days of the week they will be open and what hours the hearings can be held. Another important aspect is exactly what can be presented to the judge at the hearing, such as pre-trial motions. The description also included, and is available to the general public, what procedures the judge will be allowed to rule on.

As you can see, this can be very technical and if you read it and understand it, will you remember all the ins and outs of the law? Maybe not. You may want a professional who remembers every nuance of the law and can bring your interests to the court in the state of Illinois.

Source: Illinois Statutes, "Expedited child support act of 1990" Jan. 05, 2015

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