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February 2015 Archives

Child custody issues in Illinois

During the divorce of two parents, tough decisions must be made with regard to parenting time, child custody and other matters. Indeed, it is never easy to make a decision that will result in spending less time with one's children, but in cases of joint custody parents have little choice. Compromises must be made, and it is always hoped that the decisions will be made with the best interest of the child in mind.

Collaborative law for divorcing couples in Illinois is beneficial

In Illinois, collaborative law is an increasingly popular method of getting a divorce. From the time you begin the process to the time you end, you may be looking at a shorter timeframe than a contested divorce. Since there is no waiting period mentioned in the statutes of the state of Illinois for collaborative divorce, the 90 day waiting period for a regular divorce is counted as 90 days before the commencement of the divorce instead of from the time of filing.

High asset divorce in Illinois needs a professional

Divorce is an upheaval. It is an upheaval of your emotional life, your children's lives and your financial life. You are wondering how you can possibly afford your current lifestyle while filing for a divorce. Any divorce can be financially draining but especially if there is a high net worth involved. In Illinois, the statutes that the legislature has put forth are helpful and can be a general guide for you. Of course, you will want to contact a professional who knows these laws intimately and can be a guide for you in this troubling time.

Are you stressed about a child custody matter in Illinois?

When it comes to decisions about how to raise one's children, most Illinois parents appreciate being left alone to decide what is best for their offspring. However, in cases that involve questions of child custody, and in matters that involve joint child custody, parents are often forced to make concessions that they may not completely agree with. It may be that you are currently battling with such a situation and you have questions about your legal rights in the matter.

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