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Some of the most popular reasons for divorce in Illinois

If you could predict whether or not a couple was likely to get divorce before they got married in the first place, it could be very helpful to society in general. Unfortunately, divorce is not very easy to predict, but there could be some signs that indicate a marriage could be in danger. Those are illness, job changes and childbirth.

For obvious reasons, an illness places a great deal of strain on a marriage. For example, the father may now be forced to serve as the primary caretaker for the children and primary breadwinner if his wife is too sick to work and carry out these roles.

A sudden change in jobs could also be a negative sign. For example, one might lose a great deal of family income due to the loss of a job, and this is will put obvious financial strains on the household. Alternatively, a new job might mean more hours at the office or a different schedule, which can be difficult for the family to adjust to.

Finally, having a child can also be a source of divorce. In numerous cases, two spouses might not be in agreement as to whether or not to have a child. Although children are sweet and innocent, as many parents know, it is not always easy to keep the passionate flames of love alive while caring for the needs of a child.

Now that we have looked at three common causes of divorce, it may be beneficial to remember all the property division, child custody debates and child support decisions that go along with it. Meanwhile, it is important to discuss these important issues in a manner that is compassionate and free of anger with one's ex-spouse. In this sense, it may help to know the possible reasons for a divorce so that spouses can operate from a more judgement-free zone about the dissolution of their marriages.

Source: Fox, "7 life events that can lead to divorce," Amanda Macmillan, March. 26, 2015

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