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Stop believing these Pennsylvania divorce myths

Divorce myths affect us all. In some cases, they cause us to unnecessarily delay seeking a divorce. In other cases, they cause us to unnecessarily jump into a divorce. At the end of the day, the following myths are some of the most damaging and Illinois residents should stop believing them because they are not true.

First, it is false that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. In fact, 70 percent of marital unions from the 1990s lasted at least 15 years. According to some projections, divorce statistics are more likely to fall somewhere around 33 percent. Also, during the last 20 years, divorce rates have been falling.

Second, the idea that divorce will damage children in extreme ways is flat out wrong. Scientific evidence shows that divorce is not that damaging to children, overall. This is considering the fact that the most damaging thing for children is for parents to fight in front of them. Getting a divorce may be a far preferable solution than staying in an unhealthy marriage.

Lastly, Illinois residents should consider dropping the common misconception that divorce represents "failure." Indeed, delaying a divorce and staying in an unhealthy and painful relationship is more likely a sign of failure than anything else. Sometimes, difficult decisions must be made in order to move out of hard times and into a life of success. If getting a divorce is an individual's first step on that path, then the dissolution of the marriage should by no means be considered an example of failure.

With the complexities of divorce in terms of property settlement, child custody and the difficult emotions that come with divorce, believing the above untrue myths only makes matters worse. The sooner Illinois residents stop believing them, the better it will be for everyone.

Source: shape.com, "9 Divorce Myths to Stop Believing" Mar. 05, 2015

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