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June 2015 Archives

What exactly is equitable distribution?

When you get married, you of course believe that you'll be together forever. But, as much as you hoped and wished for it, sometimes things don't work out. Perhaps you matured differently and your interests diverged or one partner was unfaithful. Whatever the reason, sometimes divorce is the best option for a marriage that is no longer based on love. Of course, the decision to split is just the first step on a long road toward independence from one another.

How do the Illinois courts decide child custody cases?

In a divorce, there are a host of issues that the soon-to-be-former spouses must agree upon, including who gets what and how much support and alimony will be paid. Although, of all the decisions to be made, child custody is perhaps the most important. After all, property is just stuff. It can be replaced. The formative years of a child can never be undone and a divorce can be incredibly difficult for a youngster to go through.

How does a parenting agreement work?

Let's face it: going through a divorce makes a root canal seem like a day at the beach. After all, the basis of a divorce is the fact that two people can no longer coexist as a couple. Typically, both sides dig in and prepare for a long, drawn-out battle against one another. However, collaborative law takes a different approach, giving the splitting couple a chance to work things out before they go to court, where things can get really complicated.

How child support is determined

It's a sad fact, but children are often the innocent victims of divorce. Through no fault of their own, they often get caught in the middle of two warring parents who must decide where the child will live, how he or she will be raised and how much child support will be paid. Deciding these things can be of paramount importance to the future of the child's life and often make the difference between being well-adjusted and having lingering psychological and/ or emotional issues.

Things to consider while making child custody decisions

The process of going through a divorce isn't really fair. You're still reeling from the dissolution of your marriage, and the life change that goes along with it, and all the while, you're forced to make monumental decisions regarding property division, child support, child custody and visitation. It can all be a little overwhelming, especially because the process can become so complicated that you feel helpless against the turning of the wheels.

When should you use a forensic accountant?

Divorce is one of the most emotionally taxing experiences you can go through. You are asked to divide everything, from bank accounts and houses, to debts and cars and everything in between. For the average couple, splitting these things may be a little contentious, but often both sides are able to come together and agree on who gets what. However, with couples whose assets are more complex, it's not just a matter of basic division.

How mediation can help in child custody cases

We've all seen it a hundred times, both in real life and the movies: a divorcing couple who can't stand the sight of one another and can't even imagine being in the same room with each other. But that's just reality, right? Marital splits are always acrimonious, bitter affairs where each person fights tooth and nail over every last detail. Thankfully, the answer is no. That's the old way of doing things. These days, the trend is mediation, which means sitting down with a neutral party, setting aside the anger and working toward a resolution that suits both parties.

Marital property: what you should know

The decision to end a marriage is certainly not one to be taken lightly. There are far-reaching emotional and financial consequences for both the spouses and their children. And, as hard as it is to come to that decision, the process that comes after can often be even more complex. Issues of alimony, child custody, child support and property division are almost always contentious and can lead to drawn-out court battles and a fair share of acrimony.

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