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August 2015 Archives

My ex won't pay his half of things

If you are like so many other divorced parents, the idea of continuing discussion and conversation with your ex on a daily basis can be more than frustrating. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your divorce you may not even want to be in the same room with your ex, let alone call to discuss or remind him or her of their financial responsibilities. When your ex fails to keep up with his or her end of the deal, you don't have to take on their half of the responsibility. What is required is good counsel and reasonable argument to modify child support or collect on owed amounts.

What happens if collaborative law doesn't work for us?

Collaborative law is a relatively new process. It takes the litigation out of divorce and replaces it with cooperation and communication. Its success is partially due to the belief that in matters of family law, working together to achieve a common goal, usually produces a better outcome. While the traditional litigation process of divorce may cause undue stress to parents and their children, collaborative law focuses on problem solving in a civil, cooperative manner.

Will a property checklist actually help during my divorce?

Divorces typically run high with emotion, stress and sometimes, even anger. With the combination of these things weighing on the minds of spouses, it is no surprise that the finer details of a divorce sometimes get lost in the mix. Confusion and frustration can make individuals forget about important items when dividing property, so when spouses are given the opportunity to create a checklist, they should take it.

How do criminal charges affect my visitation?

Occasionally, divorced parents find themselves subject to scrutiny because of criminal charges in their past. Sometimes, these charges don't make any impact on visitation rights, and other times these charges make all the difference. Either way, being informed of what you or your ex is facing during a custody or visitation battle is always important.

Facing divorce and child support

There is nothing quite like the subject of child support to make a divorce turn ugly. Often times, what the parents think is fair and reasonable, is not what the family court system has in mind. When this situation happens, divorcing parents sometimes look past what is in the best interest of the child, and more toward what is in the best interest of themselves.

Is a financial planner necessary for my high asset divorce?

If you are facing divorce and have considerable assets to divide, chances are a financial planner would serve you well. Many high asset divorces involve businesses or extensive financial complexities. The dissolution or division of these things may lead to tax or income consequences that a financial planner can help you understand and prepare for.

Standing to lose

It is not very often that when a marriage ends, we see a completely clean separation between spouses. What may begin as a mutual understanding between partners can quickly turn into a messy battle for support, alimony, assets and custody. When facing divorce, it sometimes isn't just the loss of the marriage that is difficult but the loss of your assets that puts the real bite into it. When standing to lose more than a spouse, there are some things to keep in mind.

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