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My ex won't pay his half of things

If you are like so many other divorced parents, the idea of continuing discussion and conversation with your ex on a daily basis can be more than frustrating. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your divorce you may not even want to be in the same room with your ex, let alone call to discuss or remind him or her of their financial responsibilities. When your ex fails to keep up with his or her end of the deal, you don't have to take on their half of the responsibility. What is required is good counsel and reasonable argument to modify child support or collect on owed amounts.

In most divorce orders, child support and other financial responsibilities are often spelled out. Whether one spouse is responsible for the health care costs and the other for school costs or if everything is split right down the middle, these types of daily expenses are usually not meant to be a part of child support. Unless your child has special needs that are tied to the cost of living with one parent, additional financial obligations such as school fees and extracurriculars should be addressed separately.

When a divorced parent fails to meet the requirements ordered of them in a divorce decree, the other parent can seek to modify child support or collect on the debt owed. Just as other changes can be made when a child reaches 18, or a parent loses a job or retires, failure to pay for half of the financial responsibilities is cause to notify family court. A skilled family law attorney can help you address the issues of ignored financial obligations in a manner that family court will understand.

If you have made a reasonable attempt to collect on an amount due by your ex that he or she is knowingly responsible for, but had no success, it may be time to talk to anĀ attorney. With their help, you may be able to modify child support and financial obligation orders, or collect the amount due.

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