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September 2015 Archives

Online deadbeat database

We hear the term 'deadbeat' all the time when discussing child support issues, however, it's usually thrown around with little proof of a parent's actual failure to pay back support. Now, thanks to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, anyone can do a quick search to find, not only names and pictures of real deadbeat parents but the amount they owe too.

Gift giving in property division

With the relatively new concept of collaborative law, some family law attorneys are following suit and ditching the old ways of battling exes and using a new, more sensitive approach to divorce. This new method to marriage loss must be catching on, as one family therapist and best-selling author tells the Huffington Post there is something to be said for 'gifting' your ex in property division.

Teachers want to know about parent's divorce

Many people who have gone through a divorce or are going through a divorce already feel like their personal life is on display. Divorce and custody issues have a way of making people feel stripped of their privacy and vulnerable to gossip. While divorce is already a difficult and often embarrassing event, is it right for your child's teacher to demand to know what is going on at home? Well, based on a new study in the Chicago Tribune, yes it is.

Latchkey kid to custody modification

Gone are the days when we could leave our children alone for an hour while we run to the store. Parents no longer feel completely comfortable about letting their children play alone outside, go for a bike ride or come home to an empty house. True, we don't live in as safe of a world as we wish we did, but what happens when parents do everything in their power to protect their children but also have to work to provide for their children? When a child of divorce lives with a parent who works, does his latchkey lifestyle warrant a custody modification?

Not your ordinary property division

In Illinois, like most other states, property purchased during your marriage is considered marital property and, therefore, subject to division in the event of a divorce. However, unlike our neighboring state Wisconsin, Illinois doesn't have community property laws that designate where and what goes to which spouse. In the event of your Illinois divorce, a family court will take a look at your estate, belongings, and property and divide it as equitable as possible, and although many people won't see this division as fair, that is exactly what the courts are trying to do.

7-year custody fight moves forward

As a parent, it is difficult to consider what would happen or how you would feel if your child was taken from you without your consent or knowledge. For many American men that have fathered children while unwed to the mother, this is their reality. For many men, it is a tough pill to swallow, but one they feel they must because they are unaware of their rights. However, every so often there are men who refuse to be silenced when it comes to their rights as fathers. One Utah man is standing up for fathers everywhere and setting precedence for father's rights.

Should illness be a factor in custody?

Every parent's greatest fear is losing a child. But, when a parent is ill and facing their own mortality, the fear may no longer be losing a child, but them losing you. The opinions vary greatly when discussing how much of the end of a parent's life does a child really need to witness. While some may think the best thing for a child is to remember their parent as healthy and vibrant, others may think shared support and closeness at the end is invaluable for both parent and child. So, what if an illness strikes in the middle of a custody battle? Should it be a determining factor in awarding custody?

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