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7-year custody fight moves forward

As a parent, it is difficult to consider what would happen or how you would feel if your child was taken from you without your consent or knowledge. For many American men that have fathered children while unwed to the mother, this is their reality. For many men, it is a tough pill to swallow, but one they feel they must because they are unaware of their rights. However, every so often there are men who refuse to be silenced when it comes to their rights as fathers. One Utah man is standing up for fathers everywhere and setting precedence for father's rights.

What began as an adoption in Utah seven years ago has now turned into one man's reason to fight for fathers everywhere. The man, a New Mexico resident, has been battling for the last seven years for sole custody of his daughter who was placed up for adoption without his knowledge at birth. The adoptive parents, brother and sister-in-law to the child's mother, have allowed him visitation to the child but are fighting to keep the adoption valid.

Although the New Mexico father filed a paternity petition several months before his ex-girlfriend was due to deliver, her unannounced move to Utah and premature delivery allowed her to sign off on the adoption. Upon finding out about the prospective adoption, the father intervened but was met with numerous challenges in exercising his parental rights. In most recent developments, a Utah court has directed the case back to juvenile court where the father's rights to the daughter can be considered a reaffirmation of his fundamental rights.

While this father's battle is taking place in Utah, issues like this happen in every state, including Illinois. This father is setting an example of unconditional love and strength that reaches across the nation. For men that have found themselves feeling stripped of their rights as a father, a skilled family law attorney may be able to help.

Source: KSL.com, Case moves forward in father's 7-year fight for child adopted in Utah without consent, Marjorie Cortez, Aug. 28, 2015

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