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Gift giving in property division

With the relatively new concept of collaborative law, some family law attorneys are following suit and ditching the old ways of battling exes and using a new, more sensitive approach to divorce. This new method to marriage loss must be catching on, as one family therapist and best-selling author tells the Huffington Post there is something to be said for 'gifting' your ex in property division.

Credited with the invention of conscious uncoupling, this author took her own advice during her divorce and decided to try the generous breakup, rather than the knockdown, drag out breakup.  She and her husband showed their goodwill by gifting each other items rather than dividing them. With a newly published book, her soon to be ex was entitled to half the royalties. He, however, graciously passed on them, gifting the entire amount to her. She, in turn, gifted him a substantial amount of money to get his new residence in good working order.

The gift giving didn't end there. When the author fell ill shortly after the divorce, her ex husband offered his assistance to her by buying groceries, running errands and picking up medicine. This uncommon kindness between the author and her ex husband was there way of taking a bad breakup and turning it into continual flow of well wishes to each other on their road to becoming an extended, post-breakup family.

While this may seem like a storybook breakup, it does somehow evoke thoughts of a world without divorce battles and custody fights. Just as collaborative law has become the gold standard to conscious uncoupling, gifting may become the next big thing. If you are facing the end of your marriage and would like more information about how you can take a more positive approach to the uncoupling process, speaking to a trusted family law attorney can help.

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