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October 2015 Archives

Relocating with children after divorce

Maintaining a quality relationship with your child after a divorce can be difficult especially when one parent has primary placement and the child sees the other parent only part time. However, sometimes life changes make relocation necessary and can increase the distance and time between visitations. Whether for a job or for family reasons, relocating with children after divorce should warrant some serious consideration and maybe even a call to your attorney.

Avoid working against your divorce attorney

A collaborative approach to divorce allows spouses to work together in a constructive and result-focused way. It combines communication and cooperation to resolve problems efficiently and effectively. While this approach to family law may be great for some, it is not for everyone.

Spell out every detail in retirement division

Many American couples are divorcing at a later age, and as so usually come to the table with substantial retirement accounts and other assets that may be subject to division. For an individual that has worked hard their whole life to secure adequate retirement and pensions, thinking about splitting them with their soon-to-be ex may be an unbearable thought.

Therapy may help recovery after a divorce

For many people, seeking the help of a therapist or counselor during and after a divorce is helpful. Not only does it help spouses but also children of divorcing parents. When marriages fall apart, the damage caused can be significant regardless of the reason. However, for children of divorcing parents the damage and emotional toll can be catastrophic.

Few wealthy divorced get this far

The Chicago Tribune offers an interesting take on the typical high asset divorce in a recent story about a hedge fund manager and billionaire Ken Griffin and his spouse Anne Dias Griffin. Like many high asset divorces, the arguments over alimony, custody and support lead to the inevitable settlement. In the Griffin divorce case, experts say few wealthy divorces get this far.

Collaborative divorce means not going it alone

The new trend for couples that wish to keep their divorce out of a courtroom is the collaborative approach to family law. Not only does this approach to resolution keep litigation at bay, it also allows couples to work through their divorce matters in a personal and private setting. While some divorcing couples may not be candidates for a collaborative approach, there are many that benefit from this problem-solving and resolution-focused method.

Alimony in lieu of property

If you have recently filed for divorce, your attorney has likely asked you to consider different things like property division and alimony. For anyone in your situation, dividing a lifetime of property and requesting supportive funds from your ex can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Faced with the loss of a marriage and spouse, it is not uncommon to just want to cut ties and walk away. If you are one of those people, but your financial situation is preventing you from starting over, consider requesting alimony in lieu of marital property.

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