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Avoid working against your divorce attorney

A collaborative approach to divorce allows spouses to work together in a constructive and result-focused way. It combines communication and cooperation to resolve problems efficiently and effectively. While this approach to family law may be great for some, it is not for everyone.

For couples facing major issues or emotional complexities, the collaborative approach may not be a good fit. If your soon-to-be-ex suggests using this approach for your divorce, and you're not sure if you can handle it, consider your options carefully. Signing up for a collaborative law divorce while you're still too hurt or angry may leave you working against your attorney and spinning your wheels.

Collaborative law is a highly specialized area of law and requires that attorneys that practice it have an exceptional knowledge of problem-solving techniques. While this training and skill gives collaborative attorneys the tools to work with many couples through their divorce, it will not work for people that are not a good fit for it. Extreme anger and hurt feelings may work against the collaborative process, leaving your attorney working toward a goal you and your spouse might not be ready for. This does not mean that if you are upset over your divorce the collaborative approach won't work. It means that for it to work, you must want it to. And, putting anger aside is key.

One of the best features of a collaborative law approach is that spouses may choose to seek alternative representation at any time during the process. If you are considering a collaborative approach to your divorce but are concerned that your emotions may sabotage your efforts, speaking to an attorney may be a good idea. Knowing what is expected of you during your collaborative divorce and identifying what you're emotionally capable of is the first step to a successful resolution.

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