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November 2015 Archives

Am I done paying child support when my child is 18?

Most aspects of your child support order can be found on the order itself. Everything from pay frequency and amounts, to payer and payee information can be found on the order. What you are not likely to find is an end or termination date for your payments. This is because there are many different things that can impact how long you are ordered to pay child support. If you're thinking it always ends at 18, you may be surprised to find out that depending on what your child does after graduation, you may be making child support payments for a few more years.

14 years and counting for Illinois Safe Haven law

It is hard for most parents to imagine, but there are some people out there who simply don't want their children. Many young mothers and fathers go to extremes to hide the birth of a child from family and friends, even throwing their babies away like garbage. Here in Illinois, individuals facing the unwanted birth of a child are fortunate enough to have the Safe Haven law as a way to safely turn their baby over to authorities without facing the legal consequences that doing harm to a child might have. As the Chicago Tribune reports, after 14 years the law and the programs supporting it are still going strong.

Divorce takes a toll on children over the holidays

It is said that the average divorce takes six months from start to finish. Since not everyone waits until the spring to file, many divorces take place over the holidays. While you and your ex may find scheduling for the holiday season difficult, your children may struggle with it too. Depending on how you choose to handle the holidays, your children may learn to no longer look forward to this time of year. Instead, they may see the holidays as just one more reason for mom and dad to fight.

The higher the income the more complex divorce gets

It is a common belief that divorce is usually messy. After all, for most people marriage is an emotional bond shared between two people. Therefore, it is totally understandable to assume that breaking that bond is emotional too. Anytime there are elements added to a divorce the entire process becomes increasingly complex. Despite heated arguments over custody, pets, homes and property, no topic increases the complexity of a divorce quite like substantial assets do.

What is the 'alienation of affection' law?

Couples experience marital conflict for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons marriages end in divorce are breakdowns in communication, money issues and infidelities. While communication and money issues usually leave the divorcing spouses sharing the blame on their marriage woes, in Illinois scorned spouses may be able to hold someone else responsible for their marital conflict if due to an affair.

Plan on divorce being difficult but don't give up

It is very common for one or both spouses to do just about anything to have their divorce done and over with. Sometimes that means giving up valuable assets or walking away with unnecessary debt just to call it quits more quickly. Whether it's because they have found their soul mate or simply can't stand being married any longer, going along with anything just to get divorced is ill advised.

Study shows support for marriage issues frustrates men

It is common for men to find it difficult to accept their inevitable dependency on others as they get older. For women, while the love and support of others and their spouse may be helpful and appreciated, many men don't necessarily see it that way. According to a new study, not only is this the case with couples as they get older, but it may also be the case during times of marital difficulty.

What happens to child support if my ex becomes disabled?

If you are divorced and have a child with your ex who pays child support, there are several things that may impact how much and if you continue to receive support payments. Since child support is calculated based on you and your ex's income, anything that can change your income can change child support, and that includes disability. Heaven forbid tragedy strikes but if it does, and your ex becomes disabled, even temporarily, child support may be modified.

Should you give back jewelry or keep it?

When a marriage doesn?t work out, many spouses do their best to eliminate all sentimental reminders of their failed relationship. It is not uncommon for women to give the rings back or for men to ask for them if they were a substantial investment. However, when years of marriage, anniversaries and birthdays leave a woman with an impressive collection of jewelry and she and her husband divorce, does she have to give it back? And if she doesn?t, should she?

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