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Child support should not be overlooked

Typically during heated divorce litigation, spouses tended to overlook one of the most important elements of post divorce child rearing; child support. While much time is spent arguing over who gets what and where the children will live, child support is one aspect that often gets set on the back burner until the very end. However, a family's financial stability is as paramount to a child's well-being as their health. Providing this, financial stability is the responsibility of both parents, but in divorce this support is offered through child support payments from one spouse to another.

Illinois offers statutory guidelines for the family court to follow when determining child support. While typically child support is set based on a percentage of income, a family court judge may deviate from this calculation if it's in the best interest of the child. It is important for divorcing parents to receive the help they need to understand these guidelines. With the assistanceĀ of a knowledgeable attorney, an accurate calculation of income can be made or a reasonable case can be made to deviate from these guidelines.

It is common for higher net worth parents to be concerned aboutĀ the impacts to their income that a hefty child support obligation may make. Occasionally, these individuals take unlawful steps to hide or conceal their true net income. A skilled attorney knows how to identify all sources of income and can pursue an accurate calculation through the process of discovery.

Sometimes an accurate valuation of net income is very difficult to calculate. When this is the case, it is important for individuals to have a trusted attorney by their side to help modify child support rulings as net income information becomes available. Divorcing parents should understand that although a family court usually uses a standard calculation for determining child support, it is not the only source of information they consider. A family law attorney can help divorcing parents through the complex process of child support calculation.

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