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Communication is key if it's not in writing

Most of us don't plan on divorce, but unfortunately that is exactly how a huge number of marriages end. While every divorce has its complications, divorces involving children are quite a bit more involved and usually, quite a bit more emotional. It is for this reason, that it may be easy for divorcing parents to overlook key components of family issues such as child support. For divorced parents, working through child support issues that went unaddressed during the divorce, takes a great deal of patience and communication.

Divorcing parents are required to draft and agree on the parenting plan. Issues that are usually addressed in this plan are those relating to visitation, custody and child support. Parents can request that child support be calculated and ordered to cover such expenses as those related to education, extracurricular activities and health care costs. While there are numerous other expenses that can also be covered through child support, these are the most common. If such expenses are not addressed during the divorce process or within the parenting plan, parents may find themselves at a loss when they try to work it out.

It is not uncommon for divorced parents to want as little to do with one another as humanly possible. Unfortunately, when children are involved divorced parents are somewhat forced to co-parent with each other. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a divorce, parents may find it extremely difficult, if not downright painful, to do this. That is why it is so important to see that key issues relating to a child's well-being are addressed during the divorce process and within the parenting plan. 

If communication after divorce is a main concern, parents may benefit by speaking to a divorce attorney about how to create a comprehensive parenting plan. By addressing the issues related to child support and custody, a comprehensive parenting plan may alleviate some of the frustration related to co-parent communication.

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