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March 2016 Archives

Help for parents struggling to collect child support in Illinois

In many cases, child support is the only way for custodial parents to provide for their child. It is an important source of support for many children of divorced parents. Paying it is an essential obligation that is not only court-ordered but can carry major consequences if not upheld.

Collaborative law is the new gold standard for families

Divorce can be an ugly process. It carries with it the potential to impact every member of the family. In an attempt to prevent a further breakdown of the family unit after divorce, many family law attorneys have changed their method of dealing with divorce and now offer collaborative services. As more attention is paid to preserving the foundation of each family, a collaborative divorce may be seen as the new gold standard.

Are pets considered property during divorce?

Around 60 percent of American families include a pet. With roughly half of all marriages ending in divorce, it could be assumed that many divorcing couples also are divorcing pet owners. As humans, we have a strong emotional bond with our animals, and although we may view them as members of our family, when it comes to the law, they are treated as property.

What is unrealized income in determining child support?

When child support is determined, it is typically considered an income driven calculation. A support order is based on the difference between the incomes of the custodial parent and noncustodial parent. Determining this amount is usually a task left to the family court and child support agency. When calculating the incomes of each parent to determine child support, many different sources of money can be considered income: realized income, which is money that has been received, and unrealized income, which is money that may be received in the future.

Keep these important assets in mind

In most cases, divorce can be considered a half emotional and half financial event. For the most part, time is the only thing that will help relieve the emotional damage of divorce. Fortunately, plenty can be done about the financial side of divorce. If you are part of a high net worth couple and considering divorce, it's important to keep commonly overlooked assets in mind.

Children take on stress too during divorce

It is a common belief among parents that when we are overworked, tired or simply unhappy in our lives; our children can sense it. In fact, our children's happiness is a great gauge of our own happiness. During times of emotional upheaval, such as in divorce, it isn't only our world that is flipped upside down, but our children's world as well. It is important for divorcing parents to get the support they need through the divorce process so their stress, frustration and sadness does not pour over onto their children.

The court may make your parenting plan for you

Practically everyone understands the family court's approach to child custody. Whatever is in the best interest of the child dictates its ruling. However, nobody knows children as well as their parents do. And for divorcing parents, leaving a parenting plan up to the family court may not actually be in their child's best interest.

What are the benefits to a financial summary?

Divorce can be one of the most stressful events an individual can go through. Subjects like custody, child support and property division often add to the frustration of the process. One way spouses protect themselves from these stressors is to draft a prenuptial agreement before marriage. While these agreements may help spouses identify debt, assets and property, it isn't the only way to find out what your soon-to-be spouse is bringing with them to the marriage.

Seek help for owed back child support

If you are a custodial parent and owed back child support, you are probably getting pretty frustrated with your situation. For millions of American families, child support serves as a main source of income. However, when the paying parent stops paying or is unable to pay, the financial struggle can be felt by everyone involved. Even though there are numerous ways to collect on owed back child support, owed parents may want to refrain from pushing for jail time.

Don't be fooled when it comes to child support

Many parents assume child support is a simple calculation made by the family court. This, however, could not be further from the truth. Child support may actually account for much of the expense related to raising a child. Understanding your child's right to support and how you may request certain considerations by the family court may take the help of an experienced family law attorney.

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