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The court may make your parenting plan for you

Practically everyone understands the family court's approach to child custody. Whatever is in the best interest of the child dictates its ruling. However, nobody knows children as well as their parents do. And for divorcing parents, leaving a parenting plan up to the family court may not actually be in their child's best interest.

No two families are alike. Likewise, no two children are either. The family court often looks to maximize the time a child spends with both parents as a way to remedy the situation of a contested parenting plan. Unfortunately, this one-size-fits-all method is not always for the best. When drafting an effective parenting plan, divorcing parents may want to keep the process between the two of them. Collaborative law attorneys know how to help divorcing parents navigate their way through the maze of family law issues, and can help them create a parenting plan that addresses their child's specific needs.

Although divorce and custody are usually complex emotional issues, they do not have to turn into heated battles. When parents come together and are committed to co-parenting and working collaboratively, it's quite possible to resolve these issues in a civilized manner. By doing so, parents can take control of their parenting plan, give their child a say in the process and set the groundwork for continuous and effective communication.

Divorce and child custody are extremely difficult issues for children to handle. Parents may think that by keeping their children away from the process they are somehow protected, but this could not be further from the truth. Working with a collaborative law attorney can help divorcing parents draft an effective and comprehensive parenting plan while taking into account their child's unique qualities and personality.

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