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Becoming a part-time parent is difficult

We parent our children the best way we see fit. In times of divorce, parents can find it incredibly difficult to make the change from full-time, to part-time parent. This family law issue can be emotionally charged and create an incredible amount of stress, anxiety and frustration for parents. Many parents that face these changes want to know how they can support their case for primary physical custody. Fortunately, this can be done by working with an experienced family law attorney.

There are few family law issues as emotionally driven as child custody. However, during the course of a divorce, custody is only one of many issues that must be addressed. When parents are emotionally bound to one issue over all the rest, it can prompt them to make rash decisions that are not in their, or their child's best interests. By working with an attorney, divorcing parents can work through their major custody concerns and draft a parenting plan that addresses them.

Although the family court determines custody based on the best interests of a child, it may not always be what each parent wants. When a parent's ideal custody arrangement differs from what the family court's feel is fair, an attorney can pursue a case to make changes that better fit a parent's understanding of their child's needs.

Divorce is difficult enough, but when children are added to the mix, the challenge becomes even more difficult. Making the change from a married individual to a single lifestyle is not as hard as making the change from being a full-time parent to a part-time parent. By working with an experienced family law attorney, divorcing parents can address their concerns about these changes and work toward a parenting plan that best fits their child's needs, and best supports their emotional bond.

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