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The foundation for good co-parenting

Many times the children of divorced parents recall all the arguments that led up to the dissolution of their parent?s marriage. While parents may try to stick it out for their children, it is not uncommon for their children to just want the arguing to end. When parents finally decide divorce is the best option, their children?s frustrations may be momentarily relieved; that is until the litigated divorce process leads parents back into the boxing ring. For parents that truly want to stop the arguing and move forward effectively parenting their children, the collaborative divorce approach may be the best option.

One aspect of the divorce process that many parents overlook is the fact that divorce is a momentary struggle that is relatively brief in comparison to the commitment of being a parent. Long after the divorce is over, divorced parents are still parents. Although co-parenting may be the only involvement divorced spouses have with one another, it is how they do it that can make all the difference to their children.

The typical litigated divorce process, although common, may also lead to an increasingly significant breakdown in communication and cooperation between parents. This breakdown may result in newly divorced parents experiencing an increasingly difficult time while trying to co-parent with one another after divorce. The collaborative approach to divorce may actually help parents rebuild broken down communication and can serve as the foundation for an effective co-parenting plan.

By working with one another, divorcing parents may be able to address issues related to their divorce in a positive and civil manner. Experienced collaborative law attorneys can help parents reach a mutually beneficial outcome while encouraging open communication and problem resolution. Many times, children of divorcing parents want the arguing to stop.  However, during a litigated divorce process the arguments usually don't. By choosing a collaborative approach to divorce, parents may navigate their way through the process while giving their children the peace and emotional relief they need.

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