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June 2016 Archives

How to keep track of your alimony, and why it's important

In the last few weeks, we have talked quite a bit about child support and what happens when a spouse can't pay (and about what you should do if you are the one being "stiffed" by your former spouse). Today, let's talk about a different kind of financial support that can come with a divorce: spousal support.

High-end divorce cases and offshore accounts

You have probably heard of Do-It-Yourself Divorces and when divorce became more than a word and was actually a whispered possibility between you and your current spouse, you may have even gone online and asked the search engines how to get a divorce. But unlike the Pinterest fails and the other DIY crafts gone haywire, if you get a divorce wrong, it's not a laughing matter. If you err on your divorce efforts, you stand to lose big. When you and your spouse have a lot to lose, your dissolution may become even more complex.

My ex isn't paying child support, do I still allow visitation?

We probably all know someone who is inherently lazy, can't ever hold a job and when they have money, it is spent first on indulgences, and then they are pandering to pay their light bill and hinting around for handouts to help. If that description sounds fairly similar to your ex-spouse, you may be in for a long ride when it comes to receiving child support.

Your options when it comes to custody arrangements

When you and your spouse or partner are splitting up, and you have a child, probably one of your primary concerns is what will happen to your children and the relationship you cherish with them. Whether your children are babies, tweens or teenagers, their lives are a major focal part of your life, and the idea of missing out on any milestone is heartbreaking.

Allegations of abuse are thrown in high-profile divorce

It seems like just yesterday magazines featured beautiful pictures of the island wedding of Johnny Depp to his beautiful and significantly younger wife, Amber Heard. Now, only 15 months later, the same magazines are featuring images of a completely different couple, one who has filed for divorce and it already promises to be fodder for gossip and is guaranteed to be ugly.

What if we agree, just not on everything?

When you are going through a divorce, it may seem like a ludicrous concept to compromise and negotiate on things like property division and parenting plans moving forward. Surprisingly, more and more couples are opting to settle the terms of their divorce out of court and not leave the fate of their beloved possessions for an impartial judge to decide.

Contributing factors to divorce division

What are some factors that help a judge divide who gets what when it comes to your divorce? When your divorce isn't exactly happening on good terms and you have a few significant items that you and your soon-to-be former spouse both covet, it may help you to gain a firm understanding of how things might work. If not, it may be time to consider negotiations and think about things your spouse may value more than you do.

I can't make my child support payments

If you reside in Illinois, and you have gone through a divorce and now are under court orders to pay child support, you may be having a difficult time adjusting to the payments. The whole situation is likely to be a challenge, now you want to spend money and indulge your children when you have them, but your resources are so tapped because you are giving the money to your ex.

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