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Allegations of abuse are thrown in high-profile divorce

It seems like just yesterday magazines featured beautiful pictures of the island wedding of Johnny Depp to his beautiful and significantly younger wife, Amber Heard. Now, only 15 months later, the same magazines are featuring images of a completely different couple, one who has filed for divorce and it already promises to be fodder for gossip and is guaranteed to be ugly.

Celebrities have a lot at stake when it comes to divorce. They can arm themselves with prenuptial agreements and still face losing a lot in a divorce. This is because their very image is a significant, albeit, intangible asset, and being in the public eye leaves them vulnerable and exposed so that every nuance and flaw can be scrutinized, magnified and mocked.

Any divorce can get messy. Family and friends can hear things that you wish were never exposed. On a celebrity level, nothing is whispered from mouth to ear, rather it is shouted from the rooftops, in a figurative sense.

Amber Heard is claiming Johnny Depp was abusive, and she has pictures of a bruised face and split lip to substantiate her claims. She and Depp both have their characters on the line but perhaps Heard's alleged request for $50,000 a month in spousal support has critics shaking their heads and calling what could be legitimate accusations, merely trumped up incidents to procure favor by the judge, media and court.

If you are going through a divorce that is high-profile and fear that it will get ugly, an Illinois family law attorney should be able to walk you through the various steps of filing and suggest ways in which to minimize any ostensible rumors before they become image tarnishing and a detriment to your career and life.

Source: EOnline.com, "Amber Heard & Johnny Depp's Divorce Allegations Are Spiraling Out Of Control: Untangling Two Very Different Stories," Natalie Finn, June 9, 2016

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