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Your options when it comes to custody arrangements

When you and your spouse or partner are splitting up, and you have a child, probably one of your primary concerns is what will happen to your children and the relationship you cherish with them. Whether your children are babies, tweens or teenagers, their lives are a major focal part of your life, and the idea of missing out on any milestone is heartbreaking.

This is why it is imperative that you determine what type of custody arrangement works best for you and your children and is something their other parent will agree to. Or if you don't believe your current spouse will agree to custody, it may help to know which type of custody you will pursue and what your spouse may pursue and maybe then identify a middle ground.

There are five different primary types of custody to consider. The first is physical custody. It is self-explanatory in that this is the custody where the child will reside. Still, physical custody can be shared. Next is legal custody. This is similar to physical custody but also allows for the parent to make decisions regarding the well-being and upbringing of the child over the long-term. That decision-making right can be shared as well. Thirdly, is sole custody. This is an option more appropriate if one parent is deemed unfit and is a threat to the child. The fourth is joint custody, which is a complete sharing of custody and is very common. Lastly is grandparent custody, which sometimes means an elimination of the parents as the custodians and custody granted to grandparents, in other, less drastic cases it means some kind of visitation plan is in the best interests of the child that makes allowances for grandparents time.

When it comes time to figure out the right custody plan for you, an Illinois family law attorney can be vital in helping you procure what is in the best interests of your child and yourself.

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