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July 2016 Archives

A closer look at some financial concerns associated with 'gray divorce'

While most of us tend to associate divorce with younger couples, recent statistics show that their older counterparts are actually outpacing them in this area to a considerable degree. Indeed, researchers at Bowling Green State University have determined that the divorce rate has increased by 50 percent among couples over 50, and by more than 50 percent among couples 65 and older since 1990.

Prenuptial agreements: what you can and can't do, Pt.2

Earlier this week, we talked about prenuptial agreements and what you can and can't include in these vital contracts. But now the circumstances that can lead to a prenuptial agreement being deemed invalid. Or, to put it another way, we're going to talk about how a spouse could challenge their prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements: what you can and can't do

In our last post, we talked about prenuptial agreements and the reasons why a soon-to-be-married couple would consider having one involved in their marriage. One of the great benefits of prenuptial agreements isn't even the contract itself -- it's the conversation that a couple has when they consider a prenup. That conversation can bring critical issues to the table that can benefit their marriage whether they get a prenup or not.

Some advice before you put together a prenuptial agreement

Having a prenuptial agreement can help a married couple feel secure about their relationship, while also making a contingency just in case a divorce is necessary down the line. The point isn't to predict a divorce -- the point is to prepare for every possibility. If a divorce were to occur and you have valuable assets, the prenup can protect some, or all, of those assets (depending on how the contract is phrased and utilized).

The many costs covered by child support payments

Some people are under the impression that child support can only be used for specific costs. To a certain extent, they are right. But that thought process implies that the number of things that can be paid for with your child support payments is very limited. To the contrary, there are many different costs and factors in life for which a parent can use his or her child support payments.

Agree to disagree and go from there

When your marriage is over and that is the only thing you and your spouse can agree on, it may be inevitable for you come to the point of separation. With separation comes a division of assets. If you have children, their well-being is likely to be paramount to each of you as well. However, nobody in court knows your spouse better than you nor can they see the realities of your home life in the way you, your spouse and your children do.

Changing your name: how it plays a role in marriage and divorce

When you get married or file for divorce, there is a chance that changing your name will be a topic of conversation. If you changed your name after saying "I do" or if you are changing your name after you and your spouse decided to say "goodbye," then it is important to go about the process quickly and effectively to ensure that you don't suffer any problems in relation to your life and your name.

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