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August 2016 Archives

Major Ruling from the Illinois Supreme Court on Unmarried Couples and Property Division

Not more than one a week ago, the Illinois Supreme Court published a case on unmarried couples and property division in the wake of a breakup. Although the Supreme Court ruled on this very topic in 1979, the reasoning behind that ruling was, shall we say, less-than-tactful by today's standards.

Sometimes a Collaborative Divorce is the Solution.

Last week, we discussed some of the possible financial implications of a divorce. There are many financial factors that need to be considered before, during and after a divorce. Both spouses need to be aware of the financial issues arising from their dissolution and the division of the marital estate so that the ramifications can properly addressed, allowing both to move on with their lives. Unfortunately, many people plunge head first into a divorce without working though all of the money issues at play.

Parenting time is a complicated matter

2016 is a big year for family law in the state of Illinois. A big change to the way the state views "child custody and visitation" -- terms no longer used in the state -- is that a judge makes determinations on each aspect of the child's upbringing and grants responsibilities to the parents to carry this out.

3 tips for dealing with the financial fallout of divorce

Divorce can take its toll on the splitting spouses in many ways, but the most obvious way that divorce will affect your life is financially. Not only will you no longer have two incomes contributing to bills, finances, costs and other fiscal issues, but a divorce costs money too. There will be a lot of decisions you have to make during and after the divorce to maintain your financial life and stay balanced.

On collaborative divorce in the state of Illinois

In our last post, we talked about Collaborative divorce and the Collaborative Process and how it can very beneficial for certain couples. Although the amount of time and money that can saved going through a Collaborative dissolution versus going a traditional divorce can be immense, and greatest benefit of a Collaborative dissolution is the reduced stress and anxiety to your family often associated with a traditional divorce.

What is a Collaborative Divorce and the Collabortative Process?

Many people hear the phrase "collaborative divorce" and they may question what this even means. "Aren't all divorces, on some level, collaborative?," they argue. But this argument just skims the surface. Collaborative divorce and divorce mediation are a couple of alternative dispute resolution methods that divorcing couples can employ to help them get through the divorce in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

How does pet custody get dealt with during divorce?

To many couples the issue of pet custody may seem trivial. These families likely don't have pets and simply don't see the value in either owning one or the inherent issues to having a pet in the middle of a divorce. You can't begrudge them for not knowing or caring -- they simply don't understand a pet owner's point of view.

Study: Things change -- but stay the same -- when it comes to causes of divorce

When it comes to the causes of divorce, the traditional line of thinking has been that couples are often more likely to end their marriages when they are experiencing some sort of money-related issue or where they somehow depart from what has long been viewed as traditional gender roles.

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