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September 2016 Archives

The 'do-it-yourself' divorce is a risky choice

Divorce is an inherently tumultuous time in a person's life, and as such, it may be attractive to "take the easy way out." With divorce, the "easy way" is to utilize a do-it-yourself divorce. Many of these divorce filings can be found online, and while they may offer a quick way to get divorced, they most certainly do not offer divorcing couples an airtight divorce agreement, an agreement reflecting Illinois law, your specific situation, or adequately settle all of the issues involved in your divorce.

Some advice for handling parenting duties after a divorce

Parenting in the wake of a divorce is a complex responsibility. You want to keep everything as simple and consistent as possible for the sake of your child, even in the context of a massive change in your life and their life. You also have to think about yourself, and what you need to do to move on from your divorce -- while still giving your son or daughter all of the love and support that they need.

Enforcing a child support order in the state of Illinois

Raising a child is a difficult task, but it is one that can bring you lifelong joy and happiness. As difficult as it is to raise a child, it becomes much more complicated when a divorce is involved. When the mother and father of a child decide to end their marriage, there are important legal questions that need to be answered regarding parenting time and parental responsibilities, as well as figuring out the logistics of having divorced parents working together to do what is best for the child.

Dealing with divorce as a business owner

In our last post, we talked about prenuptial agreements and the important legal protection they provide divorcing spouses. Today, we will talk about business owners and what they need to consider when they, or their spouse, files for divorce. Prenuptial agreements, business owners and divorce are three related ideas that can create complicated issues when two spouses decide to end their marriage.

Prenuptial agreements provide important protection

High net worth couples have substantial financial matters involved in their relationship. When they get married, either party will be personally incentivized to protect their assets and make considerations for the future. This usually comes in the form of a prenuptial agreement, a critical document used in many marriages today. We wrote about prenuptial agreements extensively a couple of months ago.

Shared parenting laws being adopted by multiple states

Illinois residents may be interested to learn that some states have enacted child custody and shared parenting reform laws. While there are many benefits to shared parenting following a divorce, there are some criticisms of the reform. Regardless, it appears that these laws may be popping up due to the increase in claims of parental alienation.

Resolving parental conflicts over screen time

Illinois parents who have gone through a divorce may wonder how much control they can exert over rules about bedtime, video games and other issues when their children are at the other parent's house. While experts advise that consistency is best in these matters, a parent might not be able to control all of the other parent's choices.

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