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October 2016 Archives

Illinois Child Support and Child Support Guidelines

Having a child is an incredible responsibility, one that goes well beyond any other, a lifelong commitment that may outlast your relationship with the other parent. This responsibility it can result in complex agreements and connections between two parents. However, establishing the parameters of child support arrangements and how parental responsibilities and parental time will be handled in the state of Illinois is important.

Paternity, parental rights and establishing obligations

Parental rights and responsibilities seem, on the surface, to be very simple to obtain and manage. You have two parents who are looking to have their fair share of time with their children. But legally speaking, there are very precise steps that need to be taken to prove that a person is indeed the biological father of a child, or that a parent has a legitimate claim to child support payments.

Hidden assets and half-truths about finances during a divorce

In our last post, we spoke about the complicated financial matters that can be involved in a divorce and why divorcing couples need to consult with an experienced attorney to ensure that their divorce is handled properly. Assets and the division of those assets are a large part of the discussion when a divorcing couple is settling their marital estate. Given the importance, it is only natural for the couples to question whether their soon-to-be-ex is telling the truth about his or her assets. This can be made even more difficult when one party has historically been or is currently in control of the finances.

On major assets and complex financial factors in divorce

No matter who you are or why you are getting a divorce, there will be serious discussions about finances when you and your spouse decide to split. The more assets and the more complex and diversified your financial portfolio is, the more complicated these discussions become. Often the division of assets cannot be resolved quickly or through simple negotiations. You will need to discuss the division and tax ramifications with a qualified and experienced attorney to ensure your divorce is handled properly and efficiently.

Discussing spousal maintenance, and what it means in Illinois

When a couple files for divorce, one of the factors that may be involved in their split is spousal maintenance. This is commonly referred to as "alimony," but the legal term is spousal maintenance. This form of financial support helps someone who is trying to rebuild his or her life after a divorce.

Prenups, postnups, and the way these documents help you

About a month ago, we wrote a post about prenuptial agreements. These contracts provide vital asset and liability protection to the spouses who agree to them.  A prenuptial agreement can be used for many purposes, including property division and protection in light of a divorce.

Important connections between divorce and bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and divorce: Two topics that no one truly or expects to wants to experience. Unfortunately, many people will. These two topics are also linked in many ways. A couple may have money problems and these financial issues fester until a divorce occurs. Alternatively, a divorce may cause financial stress on one or both spouses, leading to a bankruptcy filing. It is critical you and your attorney understand the connections between these two critical pieces of legal action.

Customized approach in collaborative divorce can really help

Collaborative law, mediation, and other alternative dispute methods have become increasingly popular approaches to a dissolution and other post decree matters, not only in the state of Illinois but all across the country. In a Collaborative divorce, the spouses retain their own attorneys, sign a Participation Agreement, and enter into negotiations to reach an appropriate settlement on their divorce. The attorneys that the spouses use must have specialized collaborative training to correctly facilitate the process.

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