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Hidden assets and half-truths about finances during a divorce

In our last post, we spoke about the complicated financial matters that can be involved in a divorce and why divorcing couples need to consult with an experienced attorney to ensure that their divorce is handled properly. Assets and the division of those assets are a large part of the discussion when a divorcing couple is settling their marital estate. Given the importance, it is only natural for the couples to question whether their soon-to-be-ex is telling the truth about his or her assets. This can be made even more difficult when one party has historically been or is currently in control of the finances.

Did they reveal all of their Assets? The marital assets? Debts? Have assets been hidden for the entirety of your marriage? What can be done to locate hidden assets or prove that your spouse has been lying about his or her wealth all this time?

A thorough investigation into your spouse's activity and financial dealings is imperative. He or she may be hiding assets, buying hard to trace assets, or stashing money in accounts of which you are unaware. Completing this investigation necessitates experienced legal help, and in the state of Illinois, the names to know are Goddard & Malmquist.

This is an issue that is as old as marriage itself, but what has changed over the years is technology. Social media, online interactions and transactions, and the electronic footprint that is left behind by any internet user could lead a divorcing spouse to finding crucial information about his or her spouse's shady financial practices.

At Goddard & Malmquist, we can help you fully investigate the financial side of your divorce and discover if there are assets that have been hidden away.

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